Introduction and Basic Index: L'Annee philologique

The basic index for classical studies is L'Annee philologique. Good results may also be obtained with Social Sciences/Arts and Humanities Citation Indexes. There are many other indexes, some print and some electronic, which are more specialized and/or cover the earlier literature.

L'Annee philologique; bibliographie critique et analytique de l'antiquite greco-latine, 1924/26- .

Classified, annotated bibliography of world literature, including book reviews, on all aspects of classical studies, not just philology. Covers 2nd millennium B.C. to 500-800 A.D. Abbreviations from L'Annee Philologique

Continues: Marouzeau, Jules. Dix annees de bibliographie classique, bibliographie critiques et analytique de l'antiquite greco-latine pour la periode 1914-1924.
LOCATION: Smyth Classical: Gen 1.13 Library has: 2 v.
LOCATION: Widener: Class 509.27 Library has: 2 v. in 3

First volume includes studies and texts of individual authors. The 2nd volume covers works on other subjects, arranged in a subject classification. Includes book reviews with the book citation.

Bulletin analytique d'histoire romaine, 1962- .
LOCATION: Widener: AH 7002.5

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World includes an online bibliography.

Dyabola includes:

  • German Archaeological Institute in Rome catalog (1956-2004)
  • Bibliography of Iberian Archaeology from the German Archaeological Institute in Madrid (1991-2002)
  • Archaeology of Roman Provinces from RGK Frankfurt (1992-2004).
  • Database of Attic Grave Reliefs
  • Census of Antique Art and Architecture Known to the Renaissance
  • Corpus of Antique Monuments Known to Winckelmann.

User manual (Important!)

Fasti Archaeologici Annual bulletin of classical archaeology, 1946-1997.
LOCATION: Widener: Arc 6.2
--Abstracts of books, periodical articles, reports, etc., arranged by subject. Book reviews are included with the citation for the book reviewed. Fully indexed by authors ancient and modern, geographical names, subjects, lexicalia, and literary and epigraphical sources. Ran late: 1983-1986 was published in 1997.

Continued by:
FastiOnline offers information on excavations and conservation initiatives in the Roman Empire region.

Gnomon Bibliographical Database, 1925- .
LOCATION: Widener: Ask for CD-ROM at Reference Desk

Gnomon Online: A selection from the Gnomon CD-ROM 2005 with special consideration of the years since 2002.

Gnomen is an index to publications in Classical philology and history, with some archaeology.
Includes from the journal Gnomon:

Book reviews, 1925- .
Personalnachrichten (personal notes) and obituaries, 1925- .
Quarterly Bibliographische Beilage (bibliographic appendix), 1990- .
Augmented by:

  • Indexing of numerous periodicals, some back to their inceptions, others only of recent volumes.
  • Indexing of collective volumes, Festschrifts, conference proceedings.
  • German dissertations, 1902-1995.

The number of entries for included periodicals is listed in the thesaurus.

Online manual

Augmented electronic version of

Gnomon: Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft, 1925- .
LOCATION: Andover-Harv. Theol: Period. 709.83 Current issues: R.R. (1962- )
LOCATION: Smyth Classical: Ordered--currently received (1986- )
LOCATION: Widener: Philol 168 (1932- ) Current Issues: Periodicals Reading Room

Largely a book review journal. Bibliographische Beilage lists new books, articles, and websites by author or editor. Gives contents of edited volumes. Includes a list by ancient authors as subject. In German.

JSTOR allows simultaneous or individual searching, full-text searching optional, of several classical journals from their inceptions to about 5 years ago.

Lustrum: Internationale Forschungsberichte aus dem bereich des klassischen altertums, 1956- .
LOCATION: Widener: Philol 182
--Annotated bibliographies and bibliographical essays on classical topics, e.g., "Platon, 1985-1990", "Greek lyric poetry since 1920". Text in English, German, or French.

Nestor: Bibliography of Aegean Prehistory and Related areas (1957- ) is an international bibliography of Aegean, eastern Mediterranean and southeastern European prehistory, Homeric society, Indo-European linguistics, and related fields. The Aegean and neighboring areas, including Greece, Italy, Sicily, the Balkans, the Cyclades, Anatolia, the Levant, and Egypt are covered. The chronological range is Paleolithic through the Early Iron Age.  It is searchable by the text in the titles of the books, articles, journals, author names, and by publication dates. There is a separate book review file.

Online Egyptological Bibliography is an online version and continuation of the Annual Egyptological Bibliography (1947-2001) and the Bibliographie Altägypten (1822-2002, partial coverage of 2003-2008).

Supplementum epigraphicum graecum (SEG), 1923- .
LOCATION: Smyth Classical: Ordered--currently received
LOCATION: Widener: Class 5009.23
LOCATION: Widener: Class 5009.23.2 Indexes
--Indexes epigraphical literature, geographically arranged, with personal name, geographical name, Greek word, selected topic, etc., indexes.

TOCS-IN (1992- ) indexes the tables of contents of over 150 periodicals of interests to classicists, covering Classics, Archaeology, Religion, and Near Eastern Studies.

Pre-1920s Literature

Bibliotheca philologica classica, 1874-1938.
LOCATION: Widener: Class 508.74
--Unnannotated citations classed by subject with author index.

Engelmann, Wilhelm. Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum. 8. Aufl., umfassend die Literatur von 1700 bis 1878, neu bearb. von E. Preuss.
LOCATION: Smyth Classical: Corridor Gen 1.2 Library has: 2 Abth.
LOCATION: Widener: Catal. Dept. Library has: 2 v.
LOCATION: Widener: Class 508.31.12 Library has: 2 v.

Klussmann, Rudolf. Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum et graecorum et latinorum. Die literatur von 1878 bis 1896 einschliesslich umfassend.
LOCATION: Smyth Classical: Corridor Gen 1.9 Library has: 2 v.
LOCATION: Widener: G 3.2 Library has: 2 v.
LOCATION: Widener: Philol 170 vol.146, 151, 156, 165 Library has: 2 bde in 4 teile

Lambrino, Scarlat. Bibliographie de l'antiquite classique, 1896-1914.
LOCATION: Smyth Classical: Gen 1.17 Library has: v. 1
LOCATION: Widener: Class 509.51 Library has: v. 1


To find bibliographies of books and articles in the HOLLIS Catalog, in Advanced Search do a variety of keyword searches (Keywords Anywhere) plus the standard term "bibliography" (Subject words). Notice the Subjects on pertinent records for terms for additional searches. Examples: <classical antiquities> and <bibliography>, <aeschylus and <bibliography>.

Bibliotheca Classica Selecta offers links to online bibliographies.