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BorrowDirect deliveries may be delayed during the strike because UPS workers will not cross picket lines.  Interlibrary Loan uses a wider range of delivery services and so may be less disrupted.

Digital Scholarship

The Digital Scholarship Support Group offers faculty, students, and staff interested in incorporating digital methods into their teaching and research a single point of entry to the many resources available at Harvard.  There is a Harvard Library guide to Visualization Support.

Consider attending Harvard Datafest 2020, on January 21st and 22nd.

Citation Tools Classes

  • Do you want to find an easier way to save and organize your references?
  • Do you have a research assistant whom you'd like to have trained in using citation management software?

We'll be posting our Zotero and EndNote classes schedule for the spring semester in early January: (scroll down to Zotero Classes and EndNote Classes).

Archival Research Study

A Houghton college, Betts Coup, is conducting a study about how researchers use archival finding aids. If you are willing to participate in the study and be interviewed about your use of finding aids in doing archival research, please contact Betts:


Material in the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) must be searched in HOLLIS Everything.  This material is obtained via Interlibrary Loan.

Online content associated with a CRL record often is not represented in the HOLLIS record.  Especially for microfilm collections, check the CRL catalog. Example: Sumatra factory records: In HOLLISIn the CRL Catalog with online guide.

Sometimes you don’t see your search term in results of a HOLLIS search.  If it is a record for an archival collection with a link to a finding aid, then the term is likely in the finding aid.

If not an archival collection, open View Source (MARC).  This text is also searched.  For example, in this search  the term science does not occur in the first record, but in the MARC record, we find “Political science”.  This term can be excluded to find a more focused result set.

Finding all material published in a country or state
You can do a HOLLIS search for material published in a particular country or US state.  In HOLLIS Advanced Search Adjust Any Field to Code: MARC place of pub and enter ir (for Iran),  Country code list. You can do the same thing in WorldCat Advanced Search. Put cp:iran in the 'Search for:' field. Cp: is country/state of publication.

These searches can be limited by language, dates, format,etc. In the usual way

Finding all material with one call number root (Not Library of Congress (LC))
You can do a search on items in one root call number  and then limit by language, format, date.  Go to Advanced Search, then Code: Local call number. For example Afrdoc*.  You must eliminate spaces and add the *.

Local call numbers (compressed with no spaces and no punctuation)  E.g. FilmS830* (instead of Film S 830*) 
This is NOT designed to find a specific call number. This is designed to find a group of records with the same class number (e.g. beginning part of the call number) 
Your search must include at least 3 characters 
To find an individual call number, use the HOLLIS Starts with/browse for call number.

New News Resources

Irish Historical Newspapers. 15 papers various date ranges, 1738-current 

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Korea Times‎ (1956 - 2016)

The Times supplements (1910-1916)
South American supplements (42 issues) -- Russian supplements (26 issues) -- Japanese supplements (6 issues) -- Spanish supplement (36 pages) -- Norwegian supplement -- Supplements associated with World War I (4 issues) -- Special supplements (2 issues).

New E-Resources

General  --  Asia/Australia --  Europe  --  North America/Caribbean


Media Intelligence Center offers periodical circulations sometimes back to 2009

Socialism on film : the Cold War and international propaganda

World communism : pamphlets from McMaster University


Basilica Online offers the 17 volume edition of the Basilica text and its scholia (1945-1988). Major source for Byzantine law.

South Asia open archives (SAOA) (Chicago: Center for Research Libraries).  Historical and contemporary content in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, in English and  South Asian languages.


La Révolution et l'Empire. This collection contains 155 works by 54 authors on the French Revolution and Empire. Paris: Classiques Garnier Numérique 

Oxford University studies in the Enlightenment online offers digitized versions of "Studies on Voltaire and the eighteenth century" and "Oxford University studies in the Enlightenment"

Voennaia mysl' digital archive offers the military-theoretical journal Voennaia myslʹ, published 1937- , and its predecessor journals: Voennoe di͡elo (1918-1920); Voennii͡a nauka i revoli͡ut͡sii͡a (1921-1922); Voennii͡a myslʹ i revoli͡ut͡sii͡a (1922-1924); and Voina i revoli͡ut͡sii͡a (1925-1936)

North America/Caribbean

Caselaw Access Project (1658-2018) includes all official, book-published US case law. Includes all state courts, federal courts, and territorial courts for American Samoa, Dakota Territory, Guam, Native American courts, Navajo Nation, and the Northern Mariana Islands.  Offers API, bulk downloads, search, browse, and a historical trends viewer.

Cuban culture and cultural relations (1959- ) Archival materials from the Casa de las Américas in Havana, which focuses on Cuban and Latin American writers and artists. Includes newspaper clippings and documents relating to its activities and publications since its founding in 1959.

Historic Literary Criticism (17th-early 20th century) offers over 20,000 historical contemporary reviews, essays and commentaries related to over 500 authors.

National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS) provides summary tables and time series of population, housing, agriculture, and economic data, along with GIS-compatible boundary files, 1790 through the present and for all levels of U.S. census geography, including states, counties, tracts, and blocks.

ProQuest history vault. Progressive era : voices of reform (1875-1945) offers  correspondence, speeches, diaries and photographs of John R. Commons, Charles R. Van Hise, Richard T. Ely, Edward A. Ross and Charles McCarthy.

ProQuest history vault. Slavery in antebellum Southern industries (1700-1896) includes company records; business and personal correspondence.-

Religions of America (1820-1990) offers manuscripts, pamphlets, newsletters, ephemera, and visuals from a variety of religious movements.


Pamphlets are useful primary sources in that they are often responses to a particular event or situation.

Collections and series of pamphlets often have the word Pamphlets in the title. Narrow with additional keywords, e.g., “Middle East

Individual pamphlets often, by no means always, have the term Pamphlets in the Form/genre or Subject fields in Hollis and WorldCat - both searched together in the Advanced Search Subject search.

Sometimes series-level groups in archival collections are composed of pamphlets.  In Hollis for Archival Discovery searching Pamphlets isolates these series. This search can be focused with topic keywords or by repository.

Find bibliographies of pamphlets in HOLLIS Library Catalog Advanced Search: Subject contains: pamphlets bibliography

A catalogue of pamphlets on economic subjects published between 1750 and 1900 and now housed in Irish libraries, by R. D. Collison Black. Belfast, Queen's University Belfast, 1969, 632 p.

The Loeb Design Library (scroll down) has a huge collection of pamphlets and similar material on cities, landscape architecture and related topics. Search within them in HOLLIS Library Catalog Advanced Search using: Code: Library + Collection.

A few examples of pamphlet collections:

Harvard Collections: Labor Documents

Harvard has a large collection of labor documents, largely mid 19th – 20th century), once held in the now defunct Littauer Library (the Slichter Collection). Find them in HOLLIS Library Catalog Advanced search with Local Call Number Searches:

Guide: Labor Collections at Harvard

Harvard Collections: US State Government Documents

Harvard has a large collection of US state government documents, largely mid 19th - 20th century), once held in the now defunct Littauer Library. Find them in HOLLIS Library Catalog Advanced search with a Local Call Number Search statedocuments* * (squashed together with *).

Non-Harvard E-Resources

The Rare Books: A digital library of reference works ( moved to Stanford Libraries in September, 2019.   Subscription will no longer be necessary.