While the Newspaper Microfilm Reading Room is closed during the Houghton renovation, Harvard ID holders can retrieve microfilm from the Microfilm Stacks via the doorway adjacent to the 1st floor East Stacks elevator.  There are three microfilm readers available in the Microfilm Stacks Room. More on finding newspapers in the Harvard Library.

We have added an Outline of Primary Sources for History to this guide which succinctly lists types of primary sources, gives example HOLLIS searches, and serves as an index to this and other research guides.

The Digital Scholarship Support Group offers faculty, students, and staff interested in incorporating digital methods into their teaching and research a single point of entry to the many resources available at Harvard.

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New News Resources

Manchuria daily news online (1908-1940) World collection (early 1700s-early 2000s). Includes papers from US, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Panama and Wales.  If you choose Browse at the top, you get a convenient breakdown of the available papers.

Novoe russkoe slovo digital archive contains the newspaper Russkoe slovo (New York, NY;1910-1920) and its successor Novoe russkoe slovo (1920-2010).

New E-Resources

General  --  Africa --  Asia/Australia --  Europe  --  North America/Caribbean


Anthropological Fieldwork Online includes fieldwork, contemporary contextualizing documents, correspondence, manuscripts, lectures and articles. Includes: Bronislaw Malinowski, Victor and Edith Turner, Max Gluckman, Raymond Firth, Ruth Benedict, Charles Seligman, Edith Durham and others.

Disability in the modern world: history of a social movement includes printed matter, archival material, and video.

Docuseek2: complete provides streaming access to documentary films.

ICE virtual library (1836- ) contains the full text of the publications of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

LGBT magazine archive (1957-2015) offers runs of 26 US and British magazines.

Performing arts periodicals database


Black short fiction and folklore from Africa and the African diaspora offers stories, folktales, and short fiction by African, African American, and Caribbean authors.

BrillOnline primary sources. Western travellers in the Islamic world online covers travelogues on the Ottoman Empire, Ethiopia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, North Africa, and Iran.
Full text content in English, German, French, Italian, and Latin.

The European colonialism in the early 20th century series comprises U.S. consular correspondence, studies and reports, cables, maps, and other kinds of documents reporting on the activities of the colonial government and of the native peoples.

European colonialism in the early 20th century. Political and economic consolidation of Portuguese colonies in Africa, 1910-1929

European colonialism in the early 20th century : Italian colonies in North Africa and aggression in East Africa, 1930-1939
Record Group 59, Records of the U.S. State Department, Central Classified Files, Class 800, Italy, 1930-1939.

European colonialism in the early 20th century. French colonialism in Africa: from Algeria to Madagascar, 1910-1930 (actually -1910-1941)

European colonialism in the early 20th century: German colonies to League of Nations mandates in Africa 1910-1929
of the originals from the National Archives (U.S.).; "Record Group 59, Records of the U.S. State Department, Central Classified Files, Class 800, Germany, 1910-1929.

Liberia and the U.S.: nation-building in Africa, 1864-1918 contains correspondence and telegrams received and sent by the United States' diplomatic post in Liberia.

Liberia and the U.S.: nation-building in Africa, 1918-1935 (actually 1922-1935) consists of correspondence and telegrams received and sent by American diplomats, as well as records of American citizens and companies with relations to Liberia. Includes information on quarantine restictions from varous U.S. agencies, such as the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Commerce; as well as records of advertising media in Africa, such as newspapers and trade publications in French and Portuguese. The archive also contains correspondences with the U.S. Department of Commerce from American companies exporting to Liberia; and details on the International Exposition of American Import Trade (1930).


German foreign relations and military activities in China, 1919-1935. Records from Record Group 242: National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized, T-1141: Records of the German Foreign Ministry Pertaining to China, 1919-1935.

U.S. intelligence on Asia, 1945-1991 offers declassified documents on U.S. intelligence community. Covers People's Republic of China, North Korea and North Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

South and Southeast Asian literature :classic and postcolonial writers in English, 1825 to present
Summary: The collection comprises literature written originally in English by writers who either were born in or identify themselves culturally with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Fiji. Because the South and Southeast Asian Diasporas are so widely cast, the collection also includes the work of writers living or working in Africa, the United Kingdom, North America, and the Caribbean. The collection will focus upon literature written during the late-colonial and postcolonial eras, but it will also include earlier work that is essential to scholarship in this area.

BrillOnline primary sources. Western travellers in the Islamic world online covers travelogues on the Ottoman Empire, Ethiopia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, North Africa, and Iran.
Full text content in English, German, French, Italian, and Latin.


Alexander III and the policy of "Russification," 1883-1886 offers documents from the British Foreign Office Records of General Correspondence for Russia (F.O. 65).

Allied propaganda in World War II and the British Political Warfare Executive.

Attalus: sources for Greek and Roman history contains lists of events and sources for the Hellenistic world and Roman republic, with links to translations of many of the sources.

Codices Hugeniani Online (COHU) offers the archive of the Dutch mathematician, astronomer and physicist, Christiaan Huygens (1629 - 1695), held at Leiden University Library

Cold War: voices of confrontation and conciliation offers transcripts of interviews of largely US and Russian officials

East Germany from Stalinization to the new economic policy, 1950-1963 contains largely instructions to and despatches from U.S. diplomatic, and consular personnel regarding political, military, economic, social, industrial, and other internal conditions and events in East Germany.
Digitization of the microfilm Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of East Germany

Dialnet is a virtual library of Spanish academic journals and theses. Largely tables of contents with limited full-text articles.

Medieval travel writing offers manuscripts (13th-16th centuries) largely on journeys to the Holy Land, India and China. Manuscripts from the British Library; Bodleian Library; Bibliothèque nationale de France; Cambridge University Library; Trinity College, Cambridge; Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek; Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen; the Beinecke Library (Yale) and about 15 other repositories

National socialism, Holocaust, resistance and exile 1933-1945, and Daily reports of the Gestapo Headquarters Vienna 1938-1945 contains about 40,000 primary sources on the National Socialist state and the NSDAP, Nazi ideology and propaganda, National Socialist justice and legislation, on resistance and persecution, and annihilation and expulsion in the "Third Reich".

The Romantic Era Redefined (1800-1830) offers canonical and little-known writers from Britain, the British Empire, and North America.

Romanticism :life, literature & landscape includes the manuscript collections of the Wordsworth Trust, including William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey and Robert Southey. Also contains art pieces by J.M.W. Turner, John Constable and Benjamin Robert Haydon.

Women in the National Archives contains a finding aid to women's studies resources in The National Archives and original documents on the suffrage question in Britain, the Empire and colonial territories. The original documents cover the campaign for women's suffrage in Britain, 1903-1928 and the granting of women's suffrage in colonial territories, 1930-1962.

North America/Caribbean

Caribbean Literature (19th-20th centuries) includes published works, manuscripts, archival and other kinds of materials in various languages.

History vault. Progressive era: reform, regulation, and rights (1872-1934

In response to the AIDS crisis: records of the National Commission on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, 1983-1994 includes briefing books, hearing and meeting transcripts, reports, and press clippings from the National Library of Medicine

Manuscript women's letters and diaries: from the American Antiquarian Society, 1750-1950

Society, culture & politics in Canada: Canadiana pamphlets from McMaster University, 1818-1929

Boston Public Library Digital Collections

The Boston Public Library has digitized City of Boston Tax Records, 1780-1821. To see their many other digital collections, open History on their Research Guides page and their Digital Collections page.

Featured E-Resource: Sabin Americana 1500-1926

Sabin Americana 1500-1926 offers searchable full text of over 60,000 works on North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. To the extent that Sabin includes English-language books (1475-1800) it overlaps with Early English Books OnlineEighteenth Century Collections Online, and Early American Imprints (1639-1819)
DescriptionOn Joseph Sabin.  It includes books, pamphlets, sermons, newspapers, legislation, maps, and other material.


Featured E-Resource: Harvard Digital Collections

Harvard Digital Collections offers a comprehensive search of Harvard's digitized materials: over 6M digital objects, including images, text, and media. 

Featured E-Resource: Civil Rights and the Black Freedom Struggle

Several of the e-resources include numerous digitized microfilm collections. Civil Rights and the Black Freedom Struggle includes:

  • African Americans in the Military
  • Black Workers in the Era of the Great Migration, 1916-1929
  • Centers of the Southern Struggle: FBI Files on Montgomery, Albany, St. Augustine, Selma, and Memphis
  • Civil Rights during the Bush Administration
  • Civil Rights during the Carter Administration, 1977-1981, Part 1: Papers of the Special Assistant for Black Affairs, Section A
  • Civil Rights and the Black Freedom Struggle
  • Civil Rights during the Carter Administration, 1977-1981
  • Civil Rights during the Eisenhower Administration
  • Civil Rights during the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969
  • Civil Rights during the Kennedy Administration, 1961-1963
  • Civil Rights during the Nixon Administration, 1969-1974, Part 1: The White House Central Files
  • Civil Rights Movement and the Federal Government, Records of the Interstate Commerce Commission on Discrimination in Transportation, 1961-1970
  • Civil Rights Movement and the Federal Government: Records of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, 1958-1973
  • Civil Rights Movement and the Federal Government: Records of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
  • Department of Justice Classified Subject Files on Civil Rights, 1914-1949
  • East St. Louis Riot of 1917
  • FBI Files on Black Extremist Organizations, Part 1: COINTELPRO Files on Black Hate Groups and Investigation of the Deacons for Defense and Justice
  • FBI Files on Black Extremist Organizations, Part 2: Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver of the Black Panther Party
  • Federal Surveillance of Afro-Americans (1917-1925): The First World War, the Red Scare, and the Garvey Movement
  • Martin Luther King Jr. FBI File, Part 1
  • New Deal Agencies and Black America
  • Peonage Files of the U.S. Department of Justice, 1901-1945
  • President Truman's Committee on Civil Rights
  • Records of the Committee on Fair Employment Practices, Part 1: Racial Tension File, 1943-1945
  • Records of the Tuskegee Airmen, Part 1: Records of the Army Air Forces
  • Civil Rights during the Ford Administration
  • Civil Rights during the Reagan Administration
  • Bayard Rustin (1910-1987) Papers
  • Mary McLeod Bethune Papers: The Bethune Foundation Collection
  • Papers of A. Philip Randolph
  • Records of the American Committee on Africa
  • Records of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
  • Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1895-1992
  • Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1954-1970
  • The Black Power Movement: Papers of the Revolutionary Action Movement, 1962-1996
  • The Black Power Movement: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers, 1965-1976
  • The Claude A. Barnett Papers: The Associated Negro Press, 1918-1967
  • The Claude A. Barnett Papers, 1918-1967, Series 2: Africa and Other Foreign Interests, 1925-1966
  • Arthur W. Mitchell Papers, 1898-1968
  • Black Power Movement, Part 2: The Papers of Robert F. Williams
  • Congress of Racial Equality Papers, 1941-1967
  • Midwest Academy (Chicago, Illinois) Records, Heather Booth's Personal Files, 1964 and 1984
  • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Papers, 1959-1972