Public Opinion

HOLLIS Subject terms:

  • Abortion -- Public opinion
  • Abortion -- Great Britain -- Public opinion
  • China -- Foreign public opinion, American

Roper Center for Public Opinion collects thousands of opinion polls.

Gallup Poll

Gallup Brain (1935- ) offers searchable public opinion polling data and analyses compiled by Gallup, Inc.

Public opinion, 1935-1946, ed. by Hadley Cantril and Mildred Strunk. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1951, 1191 p.
"Opinion poll results ... collected from 23 organizations in 16 countries", including some not included in the Roper Center. American Institute of Public Opinion (AIPO) is included in Roper, but it cannot be searched separately.

Public opinion: a bibliography with indexes, ed. by William A. Blade. NY: Nova Science Publishers, 2002, xl, 229 p.
--Bibliography of books containing public opinion information.  Indexed by author and by subject.  Incomplete title list in front. Books largely published 1970s-1990s.

Public Opinion Data Resources offers more information on opinion polls.