US Elections

Voting Statistics

Elections and Voting Data Guide: United States (U.S.) and International (Princeton guide)

U.S. Election Statistics: A Resource Guide (Library of Congress guide)


CQ Voting and Elections Collection (1789 – present) offers historical data on elections (presidential, congressional and gubernatorial), campaign finances, voter demographics, voter turnout, political parties.

United States Elections Web Archive, 2000-

Clerk of the House Election Statistics offers biennial election data from 1920 to present. Vote counts for congressional and presidential elections.

American National Election Studies offers data from presidential and congressional elections, 1948-present.

Historical Presidential Election Information by State

Pennsylvania Election Statistics: 1789-2006 offers county level voting returns for statewide elections for President, Governor, and Senator, 1789-2004.

US Electoral College. Historical Election Results

Voting America: United States Politics, 1840-2008. 

American National Election Studies offers public opinion surveys on voting

Voting and Registration Data (Census Bureau) (1964- ) offers age, sex, race, employment, and education of voters.

State-level information typically can be found on state Secretary of State websites


Political Party Platforms of Parties Receiving Electoral Votes: 1840 – 2012

Voting Law

Of the people, by the people, for the people : a documentary record of voting rights and electoral reform / Thomas J. Baldino and Kyle L. Kreider.. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood, 2010. 2 v.
Law School  |  JK1846 .B35 2010 
Widener  |  WID-LC    |  JK1846 .B35 2010

Political Speeches

American Rhetoric: the Power of Oratory in the United States

Images and Objects

Presidential Campaign Memorabilia from the Duke University Special Collections Library