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A variety of serial publications offer overviews of political and social conditions (politics, economics, organizations, press, etc.) and current events for countries worldwide.  A few of the major examples are listed below.  Several others, including French, German and Italian publications, are in Widener at call number H 1087-H 1088   Browse them online.

Africa Yearbook (2004- ) covers domestic politics, foreign policy and socio-economic trends in sub-Sahara Africa.

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) offers Country Reports and Country Profiles with online political and economic information going back to around 1996.  Country Reports Archive, 1952-1995.

Europa world year book [before 1989 titled Europa year book], 1959- . London: Europa Publications
Current Online Version
Internet Archive Full Text : 1966-1988  --  1994  --   1990-2010
HOLLIS Record 1989-
HOLLIS Record 1959-1988
--Includes list of major newspapers.
--After 1959, worldwide coverage in volume 2.
--Since 1963 has a Recent History section for each country summarizing events for the last few years.
--There are Europa yearbooks on particular parts of the world. Find them by searching in HOLLIS: Europa Publications Limited.

Africa South of the Sahara. London, Europa Publications Ltd. 1971-
Internet Archive Full Text (1971-72, 1994, 1999, 2001-2003)
HOLLIS Record (1971-2014)

International year book and statesmen’s who’s who, 1953-
Internet Archive Full Text:  2000  --  2008

Near East year book and who's who: a survey of the affairs, political, economic and social, of Yugoslavia, Roumania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, 1927-?
HOLLIS Record  (1927, 1931/32)

The International year book, 1898-1902.
HathiTrust version
Google Books version

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New international yearbook; a compendium of the world's progress. 1904-1965
HathiTrust Version (1904-1921)
Google Books version (1904-1921)
Internet Archive Full Text (1926-1950, 1955, 1957, 1960)

Political handbook of the world, 1927-1970, 1975- (Annual, title varies)
Online version (2005- )
Internet Archive Full Text (1931-1945, 1975, 1982-83, 1990, 2010-2010)
HOLLIS Record (1975-2009)
HOLLIS Record (1927-1962)
-- Political handbook of Europe (1927)
-- Country by country overviews of parliaments (breakdown by party), party leaderships.
-- Lists of newspapers with political affiliation and editors.

Statesman’s year-book, 1864- . London: Palgrave.
Online Version (1864- )
---To see a chronological list of the volumes or to find a particular year, open Search (top right) and search “Statesman's Yearbook”. On the left Content Type, choose Book. Sort by: Oldest first.  For a particular year, Add the year to the search. 
HathiTrust (1876-1923) HathiTrust (1864-1927)
Internet Archive (1985-2021)
Google Books (1864-1873)

Strategic survey, 1966- . London : The Institute for Strategic Studies.
HOLLIS Record (Print)
Online Version
Internet Archive Full Text (1966, 1976-2019 incomplete)
--Annual. Worldwide review of international relations. 

Whitaker's almanack. [before 1992 titled Almanack for the year of our Lord…) London: J. Whitaker, 1869- .
HOLLIS Records
HathiTrust (1869-1922)
Internet Archive (1869-2016; most of the 48 volumes listed as 1869 are actually of later date)
Google Books (1872-1907)
Internet Archive Full Text (1869-2016)

Individual Country Reports (American University) lists yearbooks of individual countries with links to online versions.  Where no online version (or no older editions) exist, look up title in HOLLIS. HOLLIS may have older print editions than are listed in this guide.

Country Statistical Yearbooks (University of Wisconsin)

Prepared under the direction of the historical section of the Foreign Office (UK), there are handbooks on numerous countries (including colonial possessions) worldwide describing the situation at the time of the Paris Peace Conference (1919-20).  A few cover topics or regions (Zionism, Question of the Scheldt, Portuguese possessions).   HOLLIS Records with HathiTrust full text

U.S. Government Handbooks

World Factbook is produced annually by the Central Intelligence Agency and provides brief surveys of the economic, geographic and political conditions of numerous countries.
Online Version (1981-2013)
Online Version (2000-2016)
--CIA World Factbook: Field Listing: Disputes – international. Annotated list of countries with border disputes.

National basic intelligence factbook. 1975-1980
Online Version

Army Area Handbooks series (1957-1977)  --  Country Studies (1977-2004, a few later)

Area handbook series. Washington, D.C.: American University, Foreign Area Studies
--HathiTrust Full Text (1984-1998)
--Earlier volumes in HathiTrust have individual records, so search  "Area Handbook" China
--Defense Technical Information Center Search “Area Handbook” Country name)

HeinOnline Version (1962-1965)
--Includes Algeria (1965)  --  Brazil (1964)  --  Colombia (1964)  --  Cyprus (1964)  --  Ethiopia (1964)  --  Germany (1964)  --  India (1964)  --  Indonesia (1964)  --  Japan (1964)  --  Korea (1964)  --  Liberia (1964)  --  Nepal (with Sikkim and Bhutan) (1964)  --  Peru (1965)  --  Senegal (1963)  --  Sudan (1964)  --  Syria (1965)  --  Vietnam (1962)

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Country Studies of the Library of Congress

Country Studies. Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, 1986-2004

Country Profiles 2004-2008
--Latest update of brief country data