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Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1947-1996. The Foreign Broadcast Information Service is a US government agency which translates the text of daily radio and television broadcasts, newspapers and periodicals, government statements, books, and other sources of unrestricted information such as databases and gray literature from non-English sources around the world. Reports with translations are issued for eight world regions daily and cover such topics as military affairs, politics, the environment, societal issues, economics, and science and technology.

Television News Archive (Vanderbilt University) (1968-) indexes the collection of network television news programs at Vanderbilt University. Abstracts searchable by keyword to find information and/or request videotape loans. Online video is available for CNN news broadcasts from October 1995 to the present.

American History in Video has numerous modern documentaries together with newsreels from 1929 to the present.

Internet Archive includes films, radio audio clips, news clips, educational films, advertisements, industry films, etc.  Set Search from All Media Types to Video: Audio: News and Public Affairs.

The Associated Press and British Movietone have put a huge collection of digitized newsreels (1895- ) into Youtube. Use Advanced Search to search by topic and specify date range.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting offers American public radio and television content dating back to the 1950s. 

Boston TV News Digital Library: 1960-2000

San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive

March of Time (1935-1967). Time Inc.'s newsreel series.

Pacifica Radio Archives

Old Radio Programs: An Archive of Historical Old Radio Broadcasts (includes news) 

Internet Archive:  Radio News  (1950-1959)  Radio News (1960-1969)  --  Radio News (1970-1979)

Old Time Radio Catalog. Includes news

WSLS-TV (Roanoke, VA) News Film Collection, 1951 to 1971

News Summaries

Annuaire historique universel, 1819-1839. Paris: Fantin,
HOLLIS Record 1758-1837

Annual register.  [title varies], 1758- . London
HOLLIS Record 1758-1837
HOLLIS Record  1838-1862
HOLLIS Record  1863-1953
HathiTrust (-1922 only)
HathiTrust (-1922 only)

Current history, 1914- .
Online Version
HOLLIS Record  1941- .
HOLLIS Record  1916-1940
HOLLIS Record  Feb. 1915)-Feb. 1916
HOLLIS Record  Dec. 1914-Jan. 1915.

The International year book, 1898-1902.
HathiTrust version
Google Books version

Continued by:
New international yearbook; a compendium of the world's progress. 1904-1965
Google Books version

Alphabetical articles on countries, US states, and topics (e.g., Iron and Steel).

Keesing’s record of world events  [formerly titled: Keesing’s contemporary archives],
HOLLIS Record 1931-1986)
HOLLIS Record 1987-1998

Quarterly register of current history (title varies)
HOLLIS Record  Feb. 1891- Mar. 1893
HOLLIS Record Mar. 1893 - Dec. 1901
HOLLIS Record   Mar. 1902-Feb. 1903